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At the Bison Law Firm, we understand the difficulties associated with serious swimming pool injuries.

The number one cause of children drowning is unattended swimming pools. This can include a lack of lifeguards at a public pool or an improperly secured backyard/private pool. Other injuries can occur at swimming pools such as broken bones, paralysis, and brain damage.

At the Bison Law Firm, we acknowledge the difficulties that arise from serious swimming pool injuries. It’s up to us to get you the results that you so desperately seek. Our team will help you receive all of the necessary reparations and compensations for the injuries you have sustained.

The Bison Law Firm’s team of personal injury attorneys has the knowledge to assist you in working through these arduous cases.  Our Collin County, Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding area DFW swimming pool accident lawyers quickly get to work in order to determine whether:

  • Proper fencing was installed and maintained
  • Mandatory inspections were performed
  • The pool lacked necessary visibility
  • Safety measures and features were made available
  • A lifeguard on duty failed to do their job
  • Defective pool equipment or safety components were involved

If you have questions regarding a residential swimming pool or hot tub accident, contact our firm for a consultation and for experienced and caring legal help.

Types Of Swimming Pool Injury Cases Handled

Swimming pool accidents can lead to severe injuries or even death in certain cases. These injuries can sometimes be permanent. The following are a list of examples that can prompt serious injuries:
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Diving Board Injury
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Pool Drain Injuries
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Lack Of Supervision
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